Free Valentines Hearts Coloring Page

Enjoy this free Valentines + heart coloring page!


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, here at Printable Haven, we are excited to share with you this free download of one hearts coloring page. Perfect to print as many times as you like!

This would be a great project for teachers preparing for your Valentine’s day school lesson. Or parents who want to treat their children to a little fun. Enjoy!






Happy coloring!


Procreate Brush – The Metallic Letterer

Experiment with this unique procreate brush!


Here is the new brush from Printable Haven that is unlike any other brush you’ve used before!

The metallic letterer offers many styles of writing, when following this complementary instructional sheet.

Metallic Letterer Instructions





Happy lettering!

Free Wall Calendar Template with Command Center Printables

Use these printables to organize your home!


Use these printables to organize your home. Included in this set are:

  • 1 To Do List
  • 1 Menu
  • 1 Grocery List
  • 1 Calendar Template
  • 1 Blank Patterned Sheet

Here is a short guide to setup:

1. PRINTING All items are 11″ x 14″ printables. You can print online at iprintfromhome or add to a usb and print at your local print shop. You may ask your respective printing company to enlarge your printables or make them smaller at your request. Each printable is a high quality 300 dpi, allowing for a clear image when printed.

2. FRAMING Choosing your frames depends on your taste and home decor! Shop for a frame suited for an 11″ x 14″ print. The frame should have a glass front to allow you to write over it and to wipe away when ready.

3. MARKERS High quality dry erase markers to write on your frames are essential. Here is a link to dry erase markers on Amazon.

4. ENJOY Keep organized and focused with these new additions to your home!

The complete set is available in the link below. Each piece was handwritten and made to be a matching set in your home.












Happy organizing & planning!

Free Procreate Brush – Outlined Leaves

Download this free Procreate Brush – Outlined Leaves!



Enjoying your iPad Pro & Procreate app? Printable Have has made a Procreate brush that you are sure to love! Introducing “Outlined Leaves,” perfect for creating and crafting! Here are some ideas for usage:

1. CARDS Any occasion deserves wreath designs! Use around wording and inspirational quotes.

2. BORDERS Decorating borders can add a nice tough to great quotes on cards, wall art and posters.

3. UNDERLINING LETTERING Underline your words with this decorative leaf brush!

4. WREATHS & LAURELS Use for general wreath and/or laurel making. The design possibilities are endless.

Download your free “Outlined Leaves” brush here:


*Scroll down for download help.

All Printable Haven downloadable files are for personal use only. Commercial use requires the purchase of a license. Write to for your purchase inquiry.

This brush is part of our 10 Laurel Leaf Procreate Brushes Pack! Keep the crafting going with other unique wreath making brushes. These brushes are for personal AND commercial use!


Happy crafting!


How do I import Procreate Brushes?

DOWNLOADING ON YOUR COMPUTER: After saving to your computer, email the brush to your iPad email account, press brush and press copy to Procreate, it will now appear in the “imports” set of brushes within Procreate.

DOWNLOADING ON YOUR IPAD: After downloading file from Google Drive, Press Open in “Procreate,” it will now appear in the “imports” set of brushes within Procreate.

Happy Birthday Free PNG + SVG Download

Download this free Happy Birthday PNG + SVG file!



This PNG / SVG is sure to add some fun to your loved ones’ Birthday celebration! Recolor or add some graphics to make the lettering stand out. Here are some ideas that can help get your creative juices flowing:

1. ADD TO CONFETTI Layer on top of colored confetti in your favorite graphics program. Add different colors to your confetti depending on your theme.

2. ADD TO BIRTHDAY CARDS Like in the above display image, I’ve added the simple black lettering on top of a child’s Birthday card with a pop of pink on the white background.

3. ADD TO EMAILS Sometimes sending a friendly happy birthday message to friends or family can be just enough for the right relationship/occasion.

4. ADD TO PRINTABLE STICKER SHEETS If you are a planner junkie, then these would make the perfect addition to your planner sticker sheet layouts. Great for repeated use!

Download your free PNG + SVG of “Happy Birthday” here:



All PNG + SVG files are for personal use only. Commercial use requires the purchase of a license. Write to for your purchase inquiry.

These downloads were made with our Squiggle font! Keep the crafting going with matching text. This font is for personal AND commercial use!


Happy crafting!

Your Guide to Snowy Christmas Decor


If you have decided on the idea of decorating your home or office with a snowy Christmas theme, then we have some resources for you here at Printable Haven.

Snow decor can look chic and sophisticated. If done correctly, snowy white decor can create a tranquil Christmas atmosphere in your home or office. Using white or cream accents can offset darker colors that you may have in furniture or wall paint. This can bring all of the attention on your decor and make you seem more prepared for this holiday season.

Below are some items and ideas that can inspire you to create the perfect snowy atmosphere.


This white decor images by can give you ideas on what colors compliment a white decor; silver and gold add sparkle and add an edge to your white decor. Clear accents also make a nice addition to your decor.


Decorate your mantle with banners in white lettering and candle holders. A nice wreath is always perfect for Christmas.


Black and white printables are easy to print, frame and place on a mantle or your gallery wall. They can serve as the focal point for your decorations.


Create a snowy Christmas village with brown homes and snowy trees. This is great for adults and curious children, it also serves as a talking point.


Nothing says a white Christmas like a white tree. This can be the final step in your decor plans. HGTV has great tips for decorating an all white Christmas tree.

Happy Decorating!


Make Your Resume Stand Out! Modern Resume Templates

image2Make your resume stand out with these modern resumes!

If you are in the job market, you know how stressful it is to constantly look for jobs, apply and get no where. There’s some tough competition out there, but to have an outstanding resume can put you ahead of the rest.

The first thing to do when applying for a job, apart from having a solid education, all the necessary skills and all of the right references is to make sure your resume is just as excellent as you believe yourself to be.

You have one shot to make a first impression. Since most applications are done online, you are submitting a digital copy of your resume, cover letter and/or references. Take it upon yourself to have a structured, beautifully designed resume package.

Nowadays a bland resume can get lost among other black and white resumes with no outstanding graphic qualities. Depending on your job search, you may want to have a good looking resume, if you are in politics or law, this may not be the case for you.

Some modern resume design elements can include pictures (depending on the job type), icons, different fonts sizes and types and even color!

Do not be afraid to stand out – your modern resume layout should be able to work in your favor.

Here are some examples:

Simple Black & White Resume Layout – Perfect to customize.


A Pale Blue Modern Resume Layout – Customize to your liking!
Pink & Gray Modern Resume Layout – For the modern professional.

If you’ve been wondering why your resume hasn’t stood out from the rest, it may be time for an update! Don’t be afraid to take the chance.

Happy Job Hunting!

Decorate for Christmas like a Pro

Have you ever wanted your Christmas decor to resemble the spreads in magazines? Well you can with these tips!


If you would like to step up your Christmas decor this upcoming year, then this is the post for you! There are a few tricks that can make your decor appear to be cohesive and very easy on the eyes.

  1. Have a consistent color palette.
  2. Come up with a theme; rustic, candy canes, snowy white Christmas, etc.
  3. Add sparkle, stick with one color; gold silver or rose gold.
  4. Do not decorate with small items in a large space, your decor will be lost!
  5. Have a center focus among many pieces of decor.
  6. Tidy up your rooms so the decor can be the center of attention.
  7. Always add classic elements; Christmas wreaths, mistletoe, candy canes.
  8. Do not let decor take up entertaining space, it can only end in disaster.
  9. The dinnerware should match the theme you choose for the year.
  10. Take pictures of this years theme to see how you can make it better for next year.


Happy Decorating!