The States Collection – Progression

Greetings all! As you may or may not know I’ve been obsessed with chalkboard art and chalkboard lettering on the iPadpro! I really love the entire process of sketching and designing a one of a kind piece with little or no mess from actual chalk!

I’ve always admired other chalk artists and wondered how I can achieve the same look without the hassle. It was my dream to create printables that I can share with other chalkboard fanatics!

Here is a look through of some of my favorite creations from “The States Collection.”

1 – I start off with lettering first, a simple white outline of the words I’m using and arrange them to how I want them to look. I vary the font styles to give the piece a more interesting look.

2 – I add color on top of the wording. In the layers icon, I add a layer above the white lettering and brush over some color and erase.

3 – Kill empty space! If there are any gaps around your lettering I think it’s best to add some floral elements or squiggles to fill up the empty space and keep the art piece look full and orderly.

4 – I “merge down” all layers under the layer icon and center the lettering and elements within the top of the artboard.

For these state printables, I try to incorporate some elements that are unique to each state, here I’ve added the Georgia state outline in a peach color, and their state flower – the Cherokee rose.

5 – After I’ve finished my design I clean up the background. I add a black chalk behind all elements and lettering and change the opacity. I do this by selecting the layer and taping it with two fingers. Then swipe left to make the layer lighter.

When this is complete you have yourself a new printable!

Here are some other printables in The State Collection:



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