A Candy Cane Christmas Decor Guide


Here are a few items that can brighten up your holiday mood. If you are thinking of decorating your home with a candy cane theme, here is a list of curated items that can have you happy with candy cane glee by the end of your decorating!

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  1. Candy Cane Straws
  2. Merry & Bright Candy Striped Wall Art
  3. Candy Cane Wall Decals
  4. Candy Cane Merry Christmas Wreath
  5. Candy Cane Striped Mason Jar


Whoovie.com has red and white Christmas decor down to a science with their elegantly placed table runners and dinner ware display.


Offset red and white colors with hints of green. This display from bestdsn.com shows this tip perfectly with candy cane striped trees and peppermint candies.

Finding the right candy cane theme that will compliment your home can be easier when having pictures and the perfect items to come by. Hope these lists and images help!

Happy Decorating!

Your Guide to Snowy Christmas Decor


If you have decided on the idea of decorating your home or office with a snowy Christmas theme, then we have some resources for you here at Printable Haven.

Snow decor can look chic and sophisticated. If done correctly, snowy white decor can create a tranquil Christmas atmosphere in your home or office. Using white or cream accents can offset darker colors that you may have in furniture or wall paint. This can bring all of the attention on your decor and make you seem more prepared for this holiday season.

Below are some items and ideas that can inspire you to create the perfect snowy atmosphere.


This white decor images by Evite.com can give you ideas on what colors compliment a white decor; silver and gold add sparkle and add an edge to your white decor. Clear accents also make a nice addition to your decor.


Decorate your mantle with banners in white lettering and candle holders. A nice wreath is always perfect for Christmas.


Black and white printables are easy to print, frame and place on a mantle or your gallery wall. They can serve as the focal point for your decorations.


Create a snowy Christmas village with brown homes and snowy trees. This is great for adults and curious children, it also serves as a talking point.


Nothing says a white Christmas like a white tree. This can be the final step in your decor plans. HGTV has great tips for decorating an all white Christmas tree.

Happy Decorating!