Your Guide to Snowy Christmas Decor


If you have decided on the idea of decorating your home or office with a snowy Christmas theme, then we have some resources for you here at Printable Haven.

Snow decor can look chic and sophisticated. If done correctly, snowy white decor can create a tranquil Christmas atmosphere in your home or office. Using white or cream accents can offset darker colors that you may have in furniture or wall paint. This can bring all of the attention on your decor and make you seem more prepared for this holiday season.

Below are some items and ideas that can inspire you to create the perfect snowy atmosphere.


This white decor images by can give you ideas on what colors compliment a white decor; silver and gold add sparkle and add an edge to your white decor. Clear accents also make a nice addition to your decor.


Decorate your mantle with banners in white lettering and candle holders. A nice wreath is always perfect for Christmas.


Black and white printables are easy to print, frame and place on a mantle or your gallery wall. They can serve as the focal point for your decorations.


Create a snowy Christmas village with brown homes and snowy trees. This is great for adults and curious children, it also serves as a talking point.


Nothing says a white Christmas like a white tree. This can be the final step in your decor plans. HGTV has great tips for decorating an all white Christmas tree.

Happy Decorating!



Decorate for Christmas like a Pro

Have you ever wanted your Christmas decor to resemble the spreads in magazines? Well you can with these tips!


If you would like to step up your Christmas decor this upcoming year, then this is the post for you! There are a few tricks that can make your decor appear to be cohesive and very easy on the eyes.

  1. Have a consistent color palette.
  2. Come up with a theme; rustic, candy canes, snowy white Christmas, etc.
  3. Add sparkle, stick with one color; gold silver or rose gold.
  4. Do not decorate with small items in a large space, your decor will be lost!
  5. Have a center focus among many pieces of decor.
  6. Tidy up your rooms so the decor can be the center of attention.
  7. Always add classic elements; Christmas wreaths, mistletoe, candy canes.
  8. Do not let decor take up entertaining space, it can only end in disaster.
  9. The dinnerware should match the theme you choose for the year.
  10. Take pictures of this years theme to see how you can make it better for next year.


Happy Decorating!

5 Unique Office Makeover Essentials

Thinking of decorating your home or corporate office? Here are some cute finds that’ll make you want to get to work!




Some unique finds complementary of Etsy! Here are the details:

Robins Egg Blue Wooden Desk Organizer – A rustic desk organizer and/or stationery holder that will add a pop of color to your work area. It can double as makeup storage! It has a lovely antique finish.

Simple Cat Pencil Holder – This lovely piece is made of clay and lead-free glaze. It ships from Australia. This is great for storing pens and pencils and can double as a potted plant holder!

Black Coil Letter Holder – This retro item will give an industrial feel to your office space. It can be used for letters, magazines, papers and more!

Pink Flamingo Pencil Holder – What a fun flamingo design! This piece is great for carrying your favorite pens and pencils and can double as a makeup bag.

3 Drawer Organizer – This last piece is a multi-use addition to the home or office. It can be used in the kitchen for storing spices or in the office to hold all of your stationery necessities.

Happy organizing!


5 Inspirational Quotes to Motivate You Everyday

Your outlook on life shapes your daily experiences and how people perceive you. It is important to maintain a positive outlook when tackling your daily duties whether you are at home, working or in school all day. If you keep in mind these following quotes, you will be ready uplift yourself and others around you.

5. Do All Things With Kindness

Do all things with kindness - Printable Haven Wall Art

If you are kind and attentive it will show and others around you will be tempted to act the same way.

4. Life Is A Beautiful Ride

Life is a beautiful ride - Printable Haven wall art

No matter how hard things get remember that everything happens for a reason and normal is boring. Expect the unexpected.

3. No Rain No Flowers

No rain no flowers - Printable Haven wall art

You know yourself better than anyone else. Be true to yourself.

2. Do Not Let The Behavior of Others Destroy Your Inner Peace

Dalai Lama Quote - Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace - Printable haven wall art

Stated by the Dalai Lama himself, he could not be more right. Keep a strong mind and body and be resilient to negative pressures.

1. If You Only Knew How Much Was In Your Favor

You got this quote - Printable haven wall art

Yes! You got this. Remember to be hopeful and understand that working towards what you want will eventually pay off.

If you would like to see more Inspirational Quotes, visit our Etsy.

Get Ready for Summer with Fun Printables!

Enjoy your summer this year with some fun printables! Here are a few just to start you off. This summer collection of mine was inspired by the color teal from ocean waves, textured shells and that crazy seaweed that always gets tangled on our feet!


Each hand made printable is $5. I hope you enjoy every one of these special summer designs that were crafted with love!


5. Seashell Wall Art, $5

Seashell Printable Wall Art - Printable Haven

A trio of colored watercolor seashells wrapped in green and coral seaweed.

4. Seas the Day Quote, $5

Seas the Day Printable Wall Art - Printable Haven

Seas the Day! Blue and tan sea colors with green seaweed and textured watercolor seashells.

3. We Dream in Colors Borrowed From the Sea Quote, $5

We Dream in Colors Inspired by the Sea Printable Wall Art - Printable Haven

We dream in colors borrowed from the sea, watercolor blue background with textured shells and coral/green seaweed.

2. Seashell Trio Set, $14

Seashell Printable Wall Art Set - Printable Haven

A trio of gorgeous watercolor textured seashells, perfect for a guest bedroom, bathroom, or hallway.

1. Teal Seashell Trio Set, $14

Teal Seashell Trio Printable Wall Art Set - Printable Haven

Teal/blue trio of seashells, with a minimalist silhouette.

If you would like to see more printable summer wall art, click here!

For more year-round printables, click here.

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Fall Printable Wall Art + Downloadable Freebie

Fall Printable Wall Art + Downloadable Freebie Printable Haven

Season’s Greetings!

Fall is coming up and now is the right time to gather up all of your seasonal fall items to start decorating.

I was raised in an artistic household where dressing your house seasonally was always a priority. That is not always possible when you are on a budget, not to mention seasons and holidays are in constant rotation!

Everyone should have access to the cutest and most affordable home decor, after all it boosts the energy in your home and gets everyone in a festive mood, not to mention it looks so darn cute!

I’ve come up with a solution to this problem by creating hand made printables to liven up my festivities. I’ve decided to share them with my blog readers!

Here you will see some handmade fall items that I’m sure you will love! All are digital downloads that you can print, frame and enjoy in your home.

Some are made with my very own calligraphy writing!

Please feel free to look around and download your very own freebie — enjoy!

Faux Gold Happy Harvest Printable Wall Art - Printable Haven
Faux Gold Happy Harvest Printable Wall Art

This is a hand lettered faux gold “Happy Harvest” printable that I’ve made to go with brownish – gold decor. Perfect for a rustic decor theme.

Give Thanks Turkey Printable Wall Art - Printable Haven
Faux Gold Happy Harvest Printable Wall Art

Turkey “Give Thanks” Printable that will go well with orange + yellow + brown home decor. Perfect to frame and place on a mantle.

Happy Harvest Printable Wall Art - Printable Haven
Faux Gold Happy Harvest Printable Wall Art

Another hand lettered “Happy Harvest” calligraphy printable that will go well with green and orange fall decor.

Autumn Blessings Printable Wall Art - Printable Haven
Faux Gold Happy Harvest Printable Wall Art

“Autumn Blessings” Printable will go well with neutral creme colors and pops of orange and yellows.

Printable Haven Choose Joy Wall Art
Faux Gold Happy Harvest Printable Wall Art

“Choose Joy” calligraphy printable. Although it doesn’t have a traditional fall quote, it does have a fall color scheme, making it a great inspirational fall art piece to enhance your holiday setting.

Please enjoy this art printable on the house! Download here:

Happy Fall Y'all Free Printable Wall Art - Printable Haven