Make Your Resume Stand Out! Modern Resume Templates

image2Make your resume stand out with these modern resumes!

If you are in the job market, you know how stressful it is to constantly look for jobs, apply and get no where. There’s some tough competition out there, but to have an outstanding resume can put you ahead of the rest.

The first thing to do when applying for a job, apart from having a solid education, all the necessary skills and all of the right references is to make sure your resume is just as excellent as you believe yourself to be.

You have one shot to make a first impression. Since most applications are done online, you are submitting a digital copy of your resume, cover letter and/or references. Take it upon yourself to have a structured, beautifully designed resume package.

Nowadays a bland resume can get lost among other black and white resumes with no outstanding graphic qualities. Depending on your job search, you may want to have a good looking resume, if you are in politics or law, this may not be the case for you.

Some modern resume design elements can include pictures (depending on the job type), icons, different fonts sizes and types and even color!

Do not be afraid to stand out – your modern resume layout should be able to work in your favor.

Here are some examples:

Simple Black & White Resume Layout – Perfect to customize.


A Pale Blue Modern Resume Layout – Customize to your liking!
Pink & Gray Modern Resume Layout – For the modern professional.

If you’ve been wondering why your resume hasn’t stood out from the rest, it may be time for an update! Don’t be afraid to take the chance.

Happy Job Hunting!


DIY Halloween Costumes with Printable Instructions

Are you deathly excited for Halloween? Here are some costumes that you can make from scratch with just printable instructions + store bought materials.




The Half Cat Mask – For less than $5, you can download the PDF to print and follow along to make these masks from colored cardboard. This may go great with a monochromatic onesie!il_fullxfull.664927082_42cp.jpgThe 4 Legged Stilt Spirit – This is probably the most complex as far as assembly goes, but it surely won’t be a forgettable costume. For $10, you can print the instructions for this costume and make one to customize as your very own creature.


Plague Doctor Mask / Bunny Mask – These eerie masks show that you can paint and add any elements to your Halloween costume you would like.


The Moose Mask – This DIY mask has a striking resemblance to an actual moose!


The Elephant Mask – This mask has an elaborate trunk that makes it look almost realistic.

Happy Constructing!

5 Inspirational Quotes to Motivate You Everyday

Your outlook on life shapes your daily experiences and how people perceive you. It is important to maintain a positive outlook when tackling your daily duties whether you are at home, working or in school all day. If you keep in mind these following quotes, you will be ready uplift yourself and others around you.

5. Do All Things With Kindness

Do all things with kindness - Printable Haven Wall Art

If you are kind and attentive it will show and others around you will be tempted to act the same way.

4. Life Is A Beautiful Ride

Life is a beautiful ride - Printable Haven wall art

No matter how hard things get remember that everything happens for a reason and normal is boring. Expect the unexpected.

3. No Rain No Flowers

No rain no flowers - Printable Haven wall art

You know yourself better than anyone else. Be true to yourself.

2. Do Not Let The Behavior of Others Destroy Your Inner Peace

Dalai Lama Quote - Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace - Printable haven wall art

Stated by the Dalai Lama himself, he could not be more right. Keep a strong mind and body and be resilient to negative pressures.

1. If You Only Knew How Much Was In Your Favor

You got this quote - Printable haven wall art

Yes! You got this. Remember to be hopeful and understand that working towards what you want will eventually pay off.

If you would like to see more Inspirational Quotes, visit our Etsy.

2017 Printable Wall, Desktop or Binder Calendars

Excited for 2017? Get Organized with these Tips and Printable Calendars!

Printable Haven - Printable Wall, Desktop or Binder Calendars

Who doesn’t love a good calendar? Organization is something I pride myself on, and because of that I would be lost without a calendar! Calendars are just a part of the organization spectrum. I use a wide range of tools to help plan my day, below are just a few.

Here is a short guide to how I stay organized:

1. SET GOALS FOR YOUR DAY I own a timed planner that allows me to write different goals for every hour. At the start of my day I write out at least 5 tasks that I would like to accomplish by the end of the day. I factor in breaks/lunch/etc. Remember to be realistic, you may over write and not complete all which would cause you to overload the next day!


2. DEVELOP A ROUTINE You know yourself better than anyone else. If you know that you have to eat at a certain time of the day, or go to sleep the at same time everyday than develop a system. Write down the times you know you will be busiest and work around them. Think of what you can do to maximize your downtime.

3. PLAN AHEAD Calendars are super beneficial in accomplishing your goals. Knowing important holidays, birthdays and upcoming events can help you plan around those times. Since this is something that you will constantly refer to on a daily basis, it is important for your calendar to be eye catching! The better it is, the more you would be encouraged to plan ahead. I’ve included U.S. holidays in my calendars just for this purpose!



4. WRITE DOWN YOUR RESOURCES It is just as important to keep track of your organizational resources as it is to keep organized – (If that makes sense). Keep a wish list on hand, a notepad in your phone or Microsoft OneNote open to list where you purchase, or plan to purchase your planning items. If you are a planning/calendar fanatic, this is especially essential. You can use your lists to plan ahead for seasonal sales.

5. LEAVE SPACE FOR DOODLES So you’ve come so far in your planning, then comes midday and you start to get antsy and doodle all over your planner! Drats. I realized that that is a personal habit of mine, so I’ve developed planner inserts that have a special section for scribbling and doodling.


Developing these calendars have helped me be better at what I do, creating. I hope they bring the same urgency and inspiration to you as it does to me! Take a look at the “Minty” themed calendar I have made for the new year!

2017 Printable Minty Wall Calendar - Printable Haven

I’ve added a 2018 floral printable calendar, as well as a 2018 printable coloring calendar.

Check them out as well!


Fall Printable Wall Art + Downloadable Freebie

Fall Printable Wall Art + Downloadable Freebie Printable Haven

Season’s Greetings!

Fall is coming up and now is the right time to gather up all of your seasonal fall items to start decorating.

I was raised in an artistic household where dressing your house seasonally was always a priority. That is not always possible when you are on a budget, not to mention seasons and holidays are in constant rotation!

Everyone should have access to the cutest and most affordable home decor, after all it boosts the energy in your home and gets everyone in a festive mood, not to mention it looks so darn cute!

I’ve come up with a solution to this problem by creating hand made printables to liven up my festivities. I’ve decided to share them with my blog readers!

Here you will see some handmade fall items that I’m sure you will love! All are digital downloads that you can print, frame and enjoy in your home.

Some are made with my very own calligraphy writing!

Please feel free to look around and download your very own freebie — enjoy!

Faux Gold Happy Harvest Printable Wall Art - Printable Haven
Faux Gold Happy Harvest Printable Wall Art

This is a hand lettered faux gold “Happy Harvest” printable that I’ve made to go with brownish – gold decor. Perfect for a rustic decor theme.

Give Thanks Turkey Printable Wall Art - Printable Haven
Faux Gold Happy Harvest Printable Wall Art

Turkey “Give Thanks” Printable that will go well with orange + yellow + brown home decor. Perfect to frame and place on a mantle.

Happy Harvest Printable Wall Art - Printable Haven
Faux Gold Happy Harvest Printable Wall Art

Another hand lettered “Happy Harvest” calligraphy printable that will go well with green and orange fall decor.

Autumn Blessings Printable Wall Art - Printable Haven
Faux Gold Happy Harvest Printable Wall Art

“Autumn Blessings” Printable will go well with neutral creme colors and pops of orange and yellows.

Printable Haven Choose Joy Wall Art
Faux Gold Happy Harvest Printable Wall Art

“Choose Joy” calligraphy printable. Although it doesn’t have a traditional fall quote, it does have a fall color scheme, making it a great inspirational fall art piece to enhance your holiday setting.

Please enjoy this art printable on the house! Download here:

Happy Fall Y'all Free Printable Wall Art - Printable Haven


How to Use a Handwritten Font

Wonder what creative things you can do with handwritten fonts? Here are just a few ideas I’ve thought up to help boost your creativity!

1. CREATE YOUR OWN PRINTABLES Not everyone has access to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, so getting your hands on handwritten fonts can be a way to make your art printables seem more self-made. Take a look at this printable made with my own font “Olivia” and some bird graphics I made in Adobe Illustrator. You can of course make the same printable in Microsoft Word or GimpShop.

Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright Printable Wall Art - Printable Haven

Font used:

Olivia Handwritten Font by Printable Haven

Bonus tip – There are lots of resources for free graphics online. Here are my top three favorites:

2. CREATE YOUR OWN LABELS Handwritten fonts would be especially suitable for making custom labels on jars, containers, and planners. There are a plethora of resources online for circular, oval or rectangular templates for overlaying your own graphics and writing. Here is a great source for templates:

3. PARTY INVITATIONS Create custom party invitations for different occasions. Handwritten fonts would be the most useful for Easter, Christmas, birthday, and baby shower invitations. You can even send evites through e-mail online without printing a thing!

Creating is always best when you have the right tools! Using a handwritten typeface would make an interesting asset to any final design. After download, test it out on multiple designs and see what works best for you. With that being said, happy creating!